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Eagle's Nest and Martha's Vineyard are part of the Westridge Residential Master Planned community located off of Independence just north of Eldorado and south of Westridge Blvd.

 HOA Board Members:
  • Mukesh Jain
  • Karen Jenkins
  • Dustin Ross 
  • James Coleman

 The Role of Assured Association Management

The Management Company acts as the "administrative arm" of the association and assists the Developer with the business affairs of the community.  The Management Company provides comprehensive monthly accounting of all financial activity of the association including all revenue, expenditures and delinquent accounts.  The Management Company will research and solicit bids for service contracts, improvement or repair projects, etc.  The Management Company executes policies and procedures as established by the Board of Directors, and assists in enforcement of the deed and use restrictions.

For questions regarding your HOA account please contact Virginia Hill, Account Manager, at or 469-480-8000 ext. 122.

For questions or concerns about your community please contact Alex Maxwell at or 469-480-8000 ext. 119

For ACC applications or general questions please contact Amber Olpin at  or 469-480-8000 ext. 121.